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Honor Women with Breast Cancer

Honor Women with Breast Cancer

7 Ways to Honor Women with Breast Cancer – Since 1985, the American Cancer Society has raised awareness each October to raise funds for cancer research and to raise awareness that each of us needs to support those with breast cancer in our lives.

women with breast cancer

Some of us may know women undergoing breast cancer right now. Others of us may know breast cancer survivors.

7 Ways to Honor Women with Breast Cancer:

  1. Let them know you remember them. Give them a call. Don’t be afraid of bothering them or calling at the wrong time. You can always leave a message and let her know you were thinking about her.
  2. Mail a card so they know they are not forgotten. If your loved one is a survivor, send a card this month to celebrate! If they are currently walking through the journey of breast cancer, a card can lift their spirits.
  3. Cook them a meal in celebration, or so they have the strength to continue to fight. Just ask first when would be a good time. Sometimes those going through chemotherapy have trouble eating. But even if your meal is not something she can eat, what a relief it would be not to have to cook for the rest of the family.
  4. Wear pink. Ask others about the breast cancer patient in their lives when you see them wearing pink.
  5. Sign up to run or walk a local cancer walk to raise money for cancer research. You could even gather together a team of friends to walk together. You could also find a Relay for Life near you.
  6. Be a good listener. Ask questions, and don’t presume you know the answers. If your loved one is a survivor, listen to them tell about their victory. Let them explain what it took for them to survive.
  7. Help them look their best. Offer to come to Wigful Thinking with them while they choose a wig. Shopping for a wig can feel overwhelming, and many women want to make sure they pick the right one for them. Offer to come with your friend or loved one and offer your honest opinion in helping them choose the right hairstyle for them.

Caryl, the owner of Wigful Thinking, is a survivor. She has fought cancer and won. Twice.

Her warmth and compassion for others are evident as you walk into Wigful Thinking. Because of her experience, she has determined to help others who are right now walking through what she has been through. Call today to schedule your consultation appointment. Phone: (609) 249-4811

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5 Basic Questions When Buying Your First Wig

5 Basic Questions When Buying Your First Wig

Questions when buying your first wig – No matter the reason why you are shopping for a wig, we all have the same questions—will it look natural, keep its shape, fit securely, and does it require special care?

5 Basic Questions When Buying a Wig

Get answers from someone who understands.

Purchasing a wig can be overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with medical issues and hair loss. Asking the right questions will put your mind at ease.

Caryl Criscio, is a two-time cancer survivor and owner of Wigful Thinking. She remembers and understands the emotional toll hair loss can have, saying, “It is important to me that every woman is taken care of with a confidential, customized hair plan, support, and encouragement.”

5 basic questions when buying your first wig:

  1. How do I select a wig that is right for me?

Visit a salon specializing in wigs where you will have the advantage of experienced stylists who will help you with selection based on your personality, lifestyle, facial features, natural hair type, and styling preference.

  • Synthetic or human hair—which is better?

Human hair wigs are like your natural hair and require more care. Synthetic pieces are indistinguishable from human hair, are excellent in quality, and generally lower in price. The monofilament fiber “hair” used to make synthetic wigs has built-in memory that keeps the style, requiring minimal upkeep.

  • Can a wig be trimmed and styled?

Wigs are made with 10-30% extra hair, so they can be trimmed, shaped, styled, and fine-tuned just for you by a professional stylist. Human hair wigs can be styled like you would natural hair. Using styling products created specifically for synthetic or human hair wigs will extend the longevity and integrity of your wig.

  • Will I need special products to care for my wig?

No matter how gentle some products claim to be, they can still damage your wig. Regular shampoos and conditioners won’t rinse out thoroughly and can strip shine and color. Hairspray and mousse leave a film, and nylon-bristle brushes will stretch synthetic fibers and loosen the curl. Wig care products are made exclusively to keep your wig looking its best.

  • Where is the best place to store a wig?

Store your wig in a cool, dry place away from sunlight which can dull color and break down fibers. Use a mannequin head, wig stand, or original packaging. A stylish and compact alternative to a wig box is a wig bag. The bag protects your wig, secures it in place, and is functional for travel.

Wigful Thinking is a full-service wig salon.

In addition to an extensive line of wigs, Wigful Thinking offers a selection of accessories, styling tools, and care products. For your convenience, our salon also offers cleaning, refreshing, and styling services.

Caryl and Olivia will help you feel at ease and guide you along the way with wig selection, fitting, styling, care, and storage.

Consultations are by appointment only, so please give us a call at 609-249-4811 to schedule a time.

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Wigs for Fashion, Fun, and Flair!

Wigs for Fashion, Fun, and Flair!

Wigs for fashion

Wigs for Fashion, Fun, and Flair!

Wigs for Fashion, Fun, and Flair – Throughout history, wigs played a vital part in many cultures for both men and women. Not only were wigs worn to make a fashion statement or hide thinning hair, they often defined social status and wealth, in which case, the bigger the hair, the better!

The popularity of wigs has had its ups and downs, but in theater and movies, wigs have always been an essential addition to transforming actors into the characters they portray.

Today, many rock and pop stars express their uniqueness and individuality by donning wigs for music videos or stage performances.

Let the stars guide you!

If you like the fun, colorful hairstyles of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, or Cardi B, then you might opt for wigs in cutting-edge styles or vibrant colors. Add extensions for a longer look like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, or the Kardashians.

Big, blonde hair is part of country legend Dolly Parton’s persona. Early in her career, Dolly’s hair became damaged from bleaching, styling, and teasing. She said in a 2016 interview, “I used to try to keep my own hair teased as big as I like it, and having the bleach and all of that, it just broke off.” The singer added, “I thought, why am I going through all that? Why don’t I just wear wigs? That way, I never have a bad hair day. I have a big hair day, but not a bad hair day.”

Viola Davis suffered from alopecia, which she eventually found out was due to stress. She wore wigs for years, even when she was at home. Tyra Banks also wore wigs for a time when she began losing hair due to stress-related alopecia.

What is on your fashion, fun, and flair wish list?

You don’t have to be a celebrity to add a bit of fun and flair to your hairstyle. Do you want to try a pixie cut before you cut off your own locks, or see how it feels to have long, lustrous waves? Wigs are a way to experiment and indulge without actually making any permanent changes.

Actors and celebrities are fortunate to have personal stylists to achieve the look they want or need for a movie role or the red carpet. For you, there are salons that specialize in wig fitting, styling, and care.

Wigful Thinking is a family affair.

Wigful Thinking Wig Studio offers a broad spectrum of services and great hair solutions. Owner Caryl and granddaughter, Olivia, a certified cosmetologist, dedicate their time and expertise to helping women look and feel their best.

If you are dealing with a medical condition, need a boost of confidence, or want to add some glamor to your life, Wigful Thinking is here for you.

Don’t you feel your best when your hair looks fantastic?

Call 609-249-4811 today to schedule a confidential, personalized consultation.

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Supporting Women with Breast Cancer

Supporting Women with Breast Cancer

Every October, for the past 35 years, we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness month in support of breast cancer patients and survivors.

Supporting Women with Breast Cancer

This year amid Covid-19, things may look a bit different–no hugs, gatherings, or walking arm in arm with our sisters. Instead, we responsibly social distance and follow safety precautions to protect us all, especially those battling health issues. Let’s be sure we are Supporting Women with Breast Cancer!

Despite restrictions, we can still reach out and offer support to the fighters and survivors. Supporting Women with Breast Cancer!

  • Send a “thinking of you” card and note of encouragement to someone you know undergoing treatment. If there’s a survivor in your life, send a card of celebration.
  • Pick up your phone and call. Don’t be afraid that you might be bothering or interrupting them. No answer? Leave a message that you are thinking about them. There is no wrong time to reach out.
  • Cook a meal for the family or package single servings to put in their freezer to heat as needed. Be sure to call first to let them know when you will be dropping it off. Another option is to order and pay for a favorite takeout meal and have it delivered.
  • Think pink – wear something pink or accessorize with a pink pin, ribbon, socks, or scarf.
  • Display a pink ribbon magnet or sticker on your car or hang a Breast Cancer Awareness garden flag in your yard.
  • Contribute to a foundation or organization that supports breast cancer research, screening, treatment, and education. There might be ways to donate or volunteer within your own community.
  • Give of your time – If someone you know is experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment, you can still socially distance and accompany them to a wig salon for a fitting. Offer to set up the appointment and help choose a wig that allows them to feel beautiful and empowered. This outing might be just the boost to lift their spirits.

Caryl, the owner of Wigful Thinking, is dedicated to helping women navigate their way through breast cancer and hair loss due to treatment.

As a two-time cancer survivor, Caryl is passionate about helping women maintain a sense of dignity, femininity, and well-being by offering hair solutions at her wig studio in Hamilton Township, NJ.

Wigful Thinking is meeting with clients by appointment only, allowing adequate time to sanitize between appointments. Each client may bring one guest, and all visitors must follow the safety protocols detailed here.

For a consultation, please schedule an appointment by calling 609-249-4811 today.

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Customized wigs that are a cut above…

Customized wigs that are a cut above…

Customized wigs

Customized wigs…It wasn’t long ago when wigs were mail-ordered. Simply pick a style from the latest ad and a couple of weeks later your new look would appear on your doorstep… or so you hoped. As most of us know all too well, styles that are shown in magazines rarely have the same anticipated allure on ourselves.

The same definitely held true for the one-style-fits-all wigs our mothers once knew.

Customized Wigs

In addition to enhancements in wig texture and quality, the ability to customize wigs can amplify individual features and personality.

Wig Services

At Wigful Thinking, we offer more than high-quality wigs. We provide a wide variety of studio services such as sizing, cutting & styling, cleaning & refreshing, and customized hair solutions. Our services, however, are not limited to the top of our heads.

Wigful Thinking also offers wig eyebrow and reconstruction eyebrow gel to help maintain lashes and eyebrows during and after chemotherapy treatments. Likewise, our range of services includes skincare and cosmetics as well as a unique selection of styling tools and products.

Fun, Fashion, Convenience or Medical Hair Loss

We know that clients arrive at our doors for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s for fun, fashion, convenience, or medical hair loss, we’re honored to assist matching your outward appearance to your captivating inner beauty.

We know that choosing a new wig doesn’t always change life’s circumstances, but the increased confidence from feeling- and once again looking- like oneself gives an empowering boost to tackle and embrace each new day.

What Our Clients Say about our Customized Wigs

I received so many compliments on my “new hairstyle” – it made me feel better than I could have imagined. I visited multiple times – wig fitting, instructions on washing and care and later for a wig trim. I would (and do) recommend them without any hesitation – they helped me at a very scary and stressful time and I am extremely grateful.

Contact Wigful Thinking

Contact Wigful Thinking at 609.249.4811 with questions, to schedule a service, or to request your one-hour wig consultation in our design studio today.  Walk-in appointments are temporarily on hold. Visit our Facebook page!

Reopening of Wigful Thinking – New Protocols

Reopening of Wigful Thinking – New Protocols

We have been busy preparing for the reopening of Wigful Thinking on June 17, 2020. Olivia and I are looking forward to once again being of service to those who need our assistance.

Reopening of Wigful Thinking – We will be opening on a limited schedule, taking no more than three appointments daily. As in the past, anyone who feels ill will need to reschedule.

Wigful Thinking has been a sanitary, healthy, and safe environment for our clients since opening in 2014. Often, the clients we serve are dealing with hair loss due to a medical issue, and we take every precaution to protect their well-being.

Here is a list of protocols we will follow to ensure the safety of our clients:

  1. Appointments are required. Absolutely no walk-ins! Since we will be scheduling only three appointments per day, please call us when you are diagnosed and have expectations of hair loss. We will be sure to run on schedule for your convenience.
  2. We sanitize the studio between each client. Please do not enter early as we use this time for cleaning.
  3. Masks Required. Clients and guests are REQUIRED to wear a mask.
  4. Only one guest per client is allowed. They, too, must wear a mask.
  5. Signs of illness. Anyone who has symptoms of a cold, respiratory ailment, fever, or flu-like symptoms will not be allowed into the salon. Please call to reschedule your appointment.
  6. Upon arrival, please call from the parking lot to ensure the waiting room is empty.
  7. Temperature check. Be prepared to have your temperature taken when you arrive.
  8. Purell sanitizer available; must apply upon entering the studio for an appointment.

Please call us today at 609-249-4811 to request your confidential appointment.

We will answer all of your questions so you’ll know exactly what to expect during your time with us.

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