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Happy Customers!

I contacted Wigful Thinking and they quickly responded and were able to turn around an appointment with little notice. Caryl was polite and kind and was able to source out a wig promptly. Although I did not purchase, I highly recommend this business for excellent customer service.


I first heard of Wigful Thinking back in 2019. My hair was thinning and I struggled with the “stigma” of wearing a wig. I finally (4/2024) made an appointment and could kick myself for waiting so long. Caryl and Olivia are caring, understanding and fun! They helped with my selection and I could not be happier. I could hang out in their shop all day. There is NO stigma just flat out fun when is comes to “alternative” hair. Get off the fence, rip off that bandaid; however you want to put it. Go meet these lovely women and choose the new you. It is fabulous to feel pretty and like the reflection you see in the mirror. Go! Go now!!

Nerak N.

One year ago today I received my last chemo treatment. My hair has come in thick, curly and white. Thank you for guiding me through the scary days without hair. Your kindness will never be forgotten. I recommend you to those who are starting their cancer journey.

Catherine S.

Could not ask for more helpful and caring service. I would recommend Wigful Thinking to any wishing for a totally unique experience.

Carol S.

They were very helpful to me in my time of need. They took care of me and listened every time I went in.

Sharyl D.

Caryl and Olivia are amazing! They both made me feel so special and beautiful at a time when I was feeling neither of those things, as I am going through chemotherapy. Not only did they fit the wigs that they helped me order specifically for me, but they taught me how to care for them to extend their life and look their best. Wigful Thinking is an hour from my home, but 100% worth the trip. These ladies are welcoming, caring, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place! Definitely give them a call and make an appointment first.

Christina C.

After walking around for weeks, losing hair by the handful, I saw this shop online, made an appointment, and after meeting their wonderful staff, walked out feeling like all eyes were no longer on me everywhere I went. They made me feel like myself again. As a bonus, everyday is now a good hair day! 

Angela G.

Losing your hair due to chemotherapy is a devastating process for any woman. Meeting with Caryl and Olivia reassured me that I’m not alone and they were going to make certain I felt as comfortable as possible. Their patience, knowledge and guidance on choosing what was right for me was incredible. Each time I go back for maintenance they are always accommodating and the experience is fun and enjoyable. I always leave the shop feeling confident and beautiful!

Gia Graziano

One of the struggles I’ve had during my time of living an unhealthy lifestyle was dealing with my hair loss. This is an exceptionally uncomfortable topic for me and one that made me incredibly sad and depressed. Trying to cover up the baldness at the top of my head had become increasingly difficult. And although the BEST and most talented hair dresser in the world worked tirelessly with me to try to figure out how to cover and control my loss, to no avail. Too much time and too much damage (along with underlying conditions) brought me to realize a new solution was needed. Fast forward to today. My first human hair wig. I am so grateful to Olivia and Caryl for guiding me through this experience. Now instead of hiding behind my balding scalp issues, I’ve decided to share my story in hopes that it may help others. I felt shame and sadness around something I could not control. And now I feel beautiful and hopeful! And although I’ll be rocking this gorgeous piece for a long time, I plan to have a wonderful selection in my future. This girl is blessed.

Amber Watson

They helped my wife overcome her personal issues when dealing with hair loss with both kindness and compassion. Never did they try to “sell” her anything. Their kindness and compassion did the selling for them. My bride is a proud member of the “Wigful Thinking” family.

Eliot Faber

Kind and understanding owners who are patient and knowledgeable.

Lisa Mara

Olivia and Caryl are terrific– as my mother would say, they are beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. From the moment my friend spoke with them on the phone and then, through the shopping experience and fittings that I accompanied her on, these shop owners were warm, direct and helpful. Both women also possess a sharp fashion eye and will offer their true opinions and important bits of wise advice, if invited to do so. Highly recommend these angels and their shop.

Laura Roth

What an amazing find! Olivia and “Gi Gi” are the most hospitable, knowledgeable, kindest, proprietors of this wig boutique. After years of searching for the right place to begin my wig journey, I feel blessed to have this amazing safe space to go to. If you’re looking for a personalized wig experience, please do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment here!! 

Amber Stanton

Caryl and Liv are absolutely the best! They take the time to explain the different types of wigs and what suits you best. It is such an emotional experience losing your hair, and these two angels help you throughout the difficult process. I really didn’t think I was going to find a wig that I would love. Sure enough, they proved me wrong. Thankfully Wigful Thinking is local, but I would have driven any distance for the experience they provided.

Wendy Jones

I am feeling like my life has started anew. Caryl and Olivia know how to make magic. Their warm caring patient approach to my problem, hair loss, has ensured my ability to feel like me again. They listen to requests, questions, and apprehensions with patience and concern. I purchased 2 different style wigs, one synthetic and one real hair so I can have a sense of every day as well as one for chic-go-to affairs. Two different styles, two great looks. Unlike others in their business, they welcome you back any time you have a question or concern or need help caring for your hair pieces. This is not just a store, Caryl and Olivia make it a “magic place” where you want to return. My husband says that every time I return from there I look younger. By the way, have Caryl help you with her approach to skin care and make-up. It’s the total package. This review is my “Ode to Joy”. ~ Carmela

Carmela Recktenwald

Caryl and Olivia are the best. They took such good care of my wife. Sincere and compassionate. Worth the 90-minute drive.

Eliot Faber

I visited Wigful Thinking the end of the summer as I had a medical issue that was causing me to lose all of my hair. I was very nervous and self conscious and wasn’t sure what to expect. From the minute I walked in I felt completely at ease – Both Caryl and Olivia were extremely warm and knowledgeable and treated me like an old friend. I admit I initially shopped around but ultimately came back to buy my wig from Wigful Thinking. I was extremely pleased with the wig I purchased as well as all of the care that I received. I received so many compliments on my “new hairstyle” – it made me feel better than I could have imagined. I visited multiple times – wig fitting, instructions on washing and care and later for a wig trim. I would (and do) recommend them without any hesitation – they helped me at a very scary and stressful time and I am extremely grateful. Thank you Caryl and Olivia!

Mary H.

I just came home from Wigful Thinking. I was so impressed with the girls I cannot thank them enough. Caryl and Olivia were so helpful and knowledgeable. I expected to try on a few styles. Caryl’s expertise showed me a topper and I was sold. They welcomed us and made me very comfortable. Without a doubt, if you are in need of a wig, WIgful Thinking is the shop for you. THANK YOU girls for making me feel like a queen.

Elizabeth Boyle

Very kind and helpful staff.

Jennifer Dempsey

Was a little nervous before coming to your place with my mom to get her a wig before she started chemo. All my nervousness went away by just the warm welcome of the women behind the counter. They made the process a lot easier and made my mom feel great. They matched her with the perfect wig that looked amazing. I was impressed with the quality and the smile on my mom’s face. Thank You!

Kristen H Tothe Edley

Had an experience at Wigful Thinking that I must share. As I soon will beginning chemotherapy treatment, I was advised by my oncologist to be fitted for wig for within the next two weeks I will lose my hair. In my packet received from the doctor, I found a brochure from Wigful Thinking. It was the best advice I could have received.  I can’t say enough about Wigful Thinking.

I was treated with dignity, kindness and compassion. And I was fitted with the perfect piece!
I feel beautiful, empowered, and can embrace life. Thank you Caryl and Wigful Thinking!

Deanna Wilson

Planning on a vacation to Europe. A friend suggest I purchase a wig and remove the thought of “what to do with my hair” every day.
Went to Wigful Thinking, was greeted by Caryl, and out I walked with a beautiful wig.
Went on vacation and believe me; having a wig made my vacation better! I was ready and groomed at all times.  Great hair solution!

What a great experience! Needed a piece for my daughter’s wedding. Received so many compliments on my new hairdo. The wedding album was beautiful………and so was I!  Since the wedding, I’ve purchased two more wigs. I love the idea of great hair every day……….Thanks Wigful Thinking………..see you soon!
Lilly Harris

I was overwhelmed at the thought of having to wear of wig. That was until I met Caryl Criscio at Wigful Thinking. She was patient, informative, understanding, and after a consultation with both me and my husband, selected the perfect piece just for me. I feel beautiful once again. We are so pleased and grateful to Caryl. I share this experience to pass forward to anyone needing this service.  She is wonderful!
Margaret O'Mara

If you need a wig for any reason at all, you must go to Wigful Thinking. Huge variety to choose from, and the service is outstanding.

Karen Marshall

Wigful Thinking changed my life!  I have alopecia and for years have felt embarrassed going out in public. That all changed when I met Caryl, Owner of Wigful Thinking. I now feel confident and in control of my life in the public eye. I even approached by strangers complimenting me on my haircut. Little do they know…..
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Nora Wessler

Quality and selection of wigs is amazing! Who knew wig eyebrows! Loved Carol made me feel special, extremely helpful and compassionate.

Rosemarie Novosel

My sister is battling cancer, I found your store and am so grateful I did. Ms. Caryl was so informative and made her feel pretty again. Thank you!!!

Tammy Huegel Gordy

I took a very special friend here today and she walked out feeling more like herself through this “bump in the road”. The smile on her face when we left was worth a million bucks!!…As a hairtstylist, the quality of the wigs is amazing and the selection is very impressive. The owner Carol was EXTREMELY compassionate and helpful.-Jenn Angelini

Jenn Angelini

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