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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Wigs

One of the many goals of Wigful Thinking is to ensure all clients fully understand the ins and outs of wig-wearing. In addition to providing the perfect piece, it is the responsibility of Wigful Thinking to educate all clients on their purchased piece and subsequent care.

Below are questions you may have regarding alternate hair.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair Wigs

In appearance, synthetic wigs are indistinguishable from human hair. However, synthetic wigs are excellent in quality and lower in price. In general, the monofilament fiber “hair” used to make synthetic wigs has “memory,” which means it maintains its wave or curls, texture, and volume, requiring minimal upkeep. Synthetic wigs, however, are not designed to accept a permanent wave or “hair” dye and can be easily damaged by the use of curling irons, blow dryers, or hot rollers. The synthetic hair will accept moderate heat styling if the piece is heat defiant.

Wigful Thinking offers a complete tutorial on what styling tools and heat applications can be applied.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs can last for years with proper care. However, they typically last from six months to one year. The longevity of your wig depends on how well it’s cared for and how gently it is handled. You must care for both the hair and the lace base. Curly and wavy hair requires extra care and attention to keep the wig looking great and lasting longer. Swiss lace is much more delicate and fragile and is prone to small holes or tears, even with the best care. Wigful Thinking offers a complete line of lace front wigs.

Wig Volume

One of the keys to successfully wearing a wig is having it professionally styled on your head to suit your own features. Generally speaking, the wigs come with an extra 10% to 30% of hair because all wigs can benefit from fine-tuning by a professional stylist. Wigful Thinking includes an all-wig purchase custom styling by trained wig styling professionals.

Can I Wear My Wig While Cooking?

You can; however, there are some cautious things you should remember. Never open the oven while wearing a synthetic wig! The sudden burst of heat will ruin your wigs. The hot steam from a boiling pot of water can also cause irreparable damage, so swap your wig for a stylish scarf or a comfy cap. Wigful Thinking offers a full line of millinery items for head coverage when not wearing your wig.

Care Products

It’s important to use proper wig care products to extend the life of your wig. No matter how gentle they claim to be on hair or delicate fabrics, some products will damage your wig. Hair shampoo and conditioner, even baby products, are too sudsy to rinse thoroughly. Even so-called “gentle” detergents can strip fibers of shine and color.

Hairspray and mousse leave a film that attracts dirt and dust. Hair brushes have nylon bristles, which stretch synthetic fibers and loosen the curl.

Permanent wave and hair color solutions won’t work on synthetic wig fiber, and the harsh chemicals can melt the fiber or strip the wig of its original luster.

Avoid using any of these products on your wig. Only wig care products are made to keep your wig looking its best.

Wigful Thinking offers a full line of all your alternate hair care products.

In addition, we offer the services to wash, condition and style if necessary.


Wigful Thinking takes the journey with you every step of the way!

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