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Insurance Claim Processing

For many going through Chemotherapy treatments, Trichotillomania, Alopecia, medically induced hair loss, or dealing with some level of emotion, this may be a trying time physically and emotionally. Dealing with the reimbursement process may seem overwhelming, thus adding one more thing to have to deal with at this difficult time.

Be aware that not all insurance companies cover wigs (aka cranial prostheses in the insurance claims world). However, many do.

Your reimbursement will depend on your particular policy. As seasoned professionals in benefits administration, Wigful Thinking will review your policy, so you are well informed about your design plan and assist in claims processing, where applicable. Together we will review the details of your coverage before you go shopping for a cranial prosthesis and the out-of-pocket expenses for which you will be responsible.

After all, a hairpiece you love can be as important as the medication you take to treat any side effects. You wouldn’t let yourself stay in this state without doing something about it – the same goes for honoring yourself enough to get what is due to you.
Should you have no policy covering reimbursement, there are organizations that can assist in the purchase. Once again, this must be determined before the purchase of any piece.

As a two-time cancer survivor, I, too, have experienced the trauma of medical hair loss. My mission is to support our client’s desire to look good and feel good with great hair solutions.

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