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7 FAQ’s About Caring for Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs

7 FAQ’s About Caring for Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs

When choosing a wig, there’s more to consider than simply style. In addition to lifestyle, purpose, and price, choosing between human and synthetic hair can be a challenge. Gone are the days when synthetic hair wigs felt like a cheap substitute for human hair; today the appearances are virtually indistinguishable. Read on for FAQ’s about Caring for Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs.

Many of the differences between synthetic and human hair wigs, therefore, center on their daily care and lifestyle adaptability.

These 7 frequently asked questions may help you decide which type of wig is best for your needs.

Will other people be able to tell if my wig is human hair or synthetic?

Enhancements in wig composition make it difficult for observers to determine between synthetic and human hair wigs. While bargain synthetic wigs may have an unnatural shine, the majority of them look as natural as human hair.  However, though synthetic visual quality is high, the texture of human hair wigs is more natural to the touch.

I like to change hair color often. Can I do that with synthetic hair wigs?

Though hair colorings will not adhere to the synthetic fibers, synthetic wigs are typically available in a vast array of colors.

Which type of wig is better for curly hair styles?

Human hair wigs are better suited for permanent waves and frequent heat styling. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, utilize monofilament fiber “hair” which maintains waves or curls without re-styling. However, unless using a “heat friendly” synthetic wig, straighteners and curling irons will damage synthetic wigs.    

Are synthetic wigs less expensive than human hair wigs?

The initial investment of a synthetic wig is less expensive than a human hair wig. However, since human hair wigs can last nearly twice as long as synthetic, duration and daily usage should factor into cost considerations.

How often should I wash my wig?

Keep in mind, frequent washings will shorten the lifespan of both synthetic and human hair wigs. While synthetic wigs can be simply washed, dried, and shaken to restore style, human hair wigs require more maintenance. In addition to washing, they also require deep-conditioning and restyling before wear.

I live in a humid climate. Does that affect the type of wig I should buy?

Human hair wigs often become frizzy or lose volume in response to weather. The memory style of synthetic wigs allows them to maintain their shape and style in any weather.

Does a synthetic hair wig last longer than a human hair wig?

Typically, the opposite is true. With proper care, human hair wigs can last a year while synthetic wigs need replacing after 4-6 months.

At Wigful Thinking, we know that the right wig is one that best fits the customer’s needs. A wig shouldn’t interrupt your lifestyle but, rather, incorporate seamlessly into it. We’re honored to assist you in choosing the best wig for your needs and your lifestyle.

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Wig Care Tips for Human Hair Wigs

Wig Care Tips for Human Hair Wigs

Wig Care Tips for Human Hair Wigs. Buying a human hair wig is not the same as buying a skirt or a blouse or any other item that you wear. A wig is an investment in your self-confidence especially if you are going through a medically challenging time. The investment of a wig is worth every penny as you garner strength and courage from deep inside yourself.

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In order to care for your investment and make it last, follow these wig care tips for human hair wigs.

  • Wash your wig but not too much. Just like the hair that grows from your own head needs to be washed, so does the human hair wig. Generally, you should wash your human hair wig every 7-14 days. More often and you will wear the wig out. It’s best to use wig shampoo, but you could also use a very mild shampoo like the ones that are created for hair that has been color treated.
  • Condition after washing. Conditioning keeps the hair looking soft and prevents tangles from happening. You can use bottled conditioner or coconut or argan oil. When the human hair wig is still wet from a wash, use your fingers to gently comb the conditioner through the ends of the strands of hair. Keep the conditioner away from the base of the wig. Let the conditioner sit for five to ten minutes, then rinse with cold water. Rinsing with cold water helps the cuticle soak in all the conditioning elements.
  • Gently dry the human hair wig after washing. Soak up the excess water with a towel but do not rub the wig in the towel which will cause tangles. Set the human hair wig on a wig form and allow the wig to dry naturally. If needed, you can use blow dryer preferably after applying a heat treatment protective spray.
  • Get curly. While the human hair wig is still damp, use foam rollers to give your wig a curly look. For gentle waves, you can braid the hair and then undo the braids when the hair is dry.
  • Be careful when using heat for styling. Heat wears out the wig, so use heating tools sparingly. Wait until the human hair wig is completely dry before styling with heat.  Keep the heat tools away from the base of the wig so as not to damage it and cause the hair to start falling out of the wig.
  • Wear a wig cap under your human hair wig. A wig cap soaks in the natural oils from your scalp or your own hair, if you have any. Using a wig cap prolongs the life of your human hair wig since it keeps your wig clean for longer.
  • Use dry shampoo. You can use dry shampoo in between water washes to keep the wig clean. Use the dry shampoo inside the wig where it comes in contact with your head.
  • Use a special wig pick or a wig brush. Brush with care to get the tangles out. If the wig is curly, do not use a brush. That will result in a wig full of frizz! Wait until the hair is completely dry before brushing so as not to stress the hair strands or the base of the wig.
  • Protect the wig from your workout. If you are headed for the gym, tie your wig up to protect the human hair wig from dirt and oils.
  • Store your wig with care. Use a wig head for your human hair wig when it is not on your head. Do not just lay it down on the dresser. Keep it away from sunlight. Many customers have a place for their wigs inside a closet.
  • Sleep with satin. If you want to sleep with your human hair wig on, use a satin pillowcase and also tie up your hair with a satin scarf.

Wigful Thinking LogoPurchasing and taking care of a wig can be overwhelming.

Give yourself a personal shopping experience when you call for an appointment at Wigful Thinking. We will work together to find the wig that is best for you. We will give you what you need to be able to care for your wig at home. Wigful Thinking is here for you.

5 Tips to Keep Your Synthetic Wig Fresh

5 Tips to Keep Your Synthetic Wig Fresh

Woman in blonde wigOnce you have selected and purchased a hairpiece that makes you feel confident and beautiful, you will want to take the proper steps to care for your investment.

To keep your synthetic wig looking fresh for a long time to come, follow these five tips:


  1. If you have a synthetic wig, heat can damage the monofilament fibers. Don’t use curling irons, blow dryers, or hot rollers.
  2. Leave the styling to the professionals. When you purchase your wig, have professional stylists cut and style the wig to fit your face. Even if you are an experienced stylist for human hair, there are special ways to work with a synthetic wig.
  3. You can cook while wearing your wig, but take care not to hold your hair over hot steam, and especially remember not to open the oven. The rush of heat and moisture will ruin the fibers beyond repair.
  4. Use only wig care products on your wig. Shampoos made for human hair can damage a wig’s shine and/or color. Hairspray or mousse will leave a residue that holds onto dirt and dust. Wigful Thinking carries the wig care products you need.
  5. Do not use a brush made for human hair to gently comb out any tangles or touch up the wig’s style. This type of brush will loosen the curl and stretch out the synthetic fibers. Only a wig brush should be used. Make sure the wig is completely dry before brushing.

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If you have questions about caring for your wig, feel free to contact Caryl at Wigful Thinking. Caryl has the heart of a teacher and will patiently answer any further questions you may have.

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