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The perfect wig matches your skin tone.

The perfect wig matches your skin tone.

The perfect wig matches your skin tone - women with different hair color and skin tones

When choosing a wig at Wigful Thinking we are careful to help you choose the perfect wig to match your skin tone.

Find a shade that matches you

When picking a wig color you want something that will not leave you looking harsh or washed out. The first thing you need to figure out is what color family your skin tone falls into.

Warm tones

Warm undertones range from peach to yellow and golden. Usually, this skin tone looks great in red, peach, coral, orange, amber, gold, and yellow. You also should look great when you wear “warmer” versions of cool colors, like olive, moss, orchid, and violet-red.

If you have a warm-toned skin pick a wig color in a cool tone to complement it such as ashy blondes, cool browns, and brassy reds. Silvery blonde colors look beautiful on people with pale, warm-toned skin. If you prefer a darker shade choose a brunette in a cooler tone such as rich black-brown. Medium to dark warm-toned skin should opt for two to three shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color.

Cool Tones

Does your skin look better against the blue and green shirts? You have cool toned skin. Pick a hair color that is rich and warm. Look for words like “warm,” “honey,” or “chocolate.” Beachy golden blonde, orangey reds, or rich brown tones are lovely with pale cool-toned skin. Medium to dark cool-toned skin is complemented by a rich, chocolate hue.

Age with beauty

Choosing the right wig color is a matter of which stage of life you are in. As we get older, lighter hair tends to be more flattering than darker shades. Lighter, warm shades provide a softer, more natural appearance to paler skin tones. Don’t be afraid to choose a gray color. It is usually the most flattering!

Keep in mind if you’re going through chemotherapy treatments, your skin may start looking paler than usual. An easy way to compensate for that is to choose a wig that is two or three shades lighter than your natural color.

Complimentary Consultation

Contact Wigful Thinking to request a complimentary one-hour wig consultation in our design studio. Our talented staff is here to serve you.

Wigful Thinking: More than a Store

Wigful Thinking: More than a Store

More than a StoreShopping for clothing can be all kinds of frustrating. You look for the right clothing department. There are four. Hopefully, you picked the right department.

Next, you search the clothing racks. Large in one brand is not the same as large in the other brands. So you look at the mediums. But the color you want is not available in that size.

You give up on shirts and move on to the jeans. There is an entire wall filled with jeans in six colors, four cuts, five rises, and twelve sizes. How do you know which combination is right for you? You feel so overwhelmed that you give up and go home empty handed.

Wig Shopping Frustrations

Clothing shopping is frustrating and overwhelming. How much more so is the experience of wig shopping! If you are experiencing hair loss and have tried to shop for a wig on your own, you know firsthand a wig is not something that can be grabbed off of the rack at a store (or ordered online) and end up looking like it was made for you.  How do you decide among all the brands, sizes, colors, and styles? There are even wig terms you have never seen before!

That is why Caryl Dillon has created a personal wig design studio at Wigful Thinking.

More than a Store

Wigful ThinkingWigful Thinking is not your average store. Call ahead for your one-on-one appointment in the design studio where Caryl will devote her undivided attention to you and your hair loss needs. Take a seat and relax in a comfortable chair pulled up to a stylish vanity table in a private room. A supportive family member or friend is welcome to come along if you desire. Caryl can help you navigate through all of the choices and evaluate which wig fits your skin tone, face shape, coloring, and personal style.

There is no hurry for you to make a selection. In the stress-free atmosphere of the design studio, your experience will not be rushed or interrupted.

This personal shopping appointment also assures your shopping can be done confidentially. The only people who will know you are there are the ones who you tell.

More than a Wig

At Wigful Thinking, you do not just buy a wig and get ushered out the door. Caryl is committed to helping you at each step of your hair loss journey. She takes the time to listen to what you need. You will be taught how to care for and clean your wig with just the right hair care products. Caryl will help you think of every detail like wig eyebrows or formal hairpieces.

Service with Compassion

Beyond providing for your physical needs, Caryl provides service with compassion. Everyone who comes to Wigful Thinking experiences caring, personal service. But Caryl has a special place in her heart for those who are experiencing medical hair loss.Wigful Thinking

As a two-time cancer survivor, she knows first-hand how it feels to face a diagnosis. She knows how vital it is to garner courage and dignity at this stage of life. Lifting up and empowering those with medical hair loss was the motivation behind Wigful Thinking both at its beginning and today.

No matter where you find yourself on your journey of hair loss, don’t let yourself stay overwhelmed and alone. You are invited to Wigful Thinking to be expertly served with compassion and care by Caryl Dillon. Contact Wigful Thinking for your free one-hour consultation.