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Wigful Thinking LogoSometimes when facing a new experience, knowing some terms ahead of time can help you feel at ease.

Especially when you feel overwhelmed with your sudden change in appearance.

Caryl understands. Caryl is the owner of Wigful Thinking. As a two-time cancer survivor, she understands what it is like to be faced with the personal task of finding a wig for yourself.

Knowing some key terms ahead of time can help you feel more familiar with what you will see when you come to Wigful Thinking. Of course, we are happy to explain these terms in person during your consultation, but if it would help you to feel more comfortable, here are four terms you will encounter when shopping for a wig or hair piece.

Synthetic Cap Construction

Synthetic cap construction refers to how the cap, or the part of the wig that fits snugly onto your head, is made. The next three terms are types of cap designs or construction.

wig stylesHand-Tied

What is hand-tied? 100% hand-tied means that each strand of hair is tied onto the wig’s entire cap. This gives it a smooth surface and makes it comfortable for those with total hair loss where the base of the wig will be against your sensitive scalp. Since each strand is affixed individually, this reduces shedding, which protects your wig and keeps it looking great for the long term. And since each strand is individually tied, each strand can move independently, giving your hair natural movement and a realistic look.


Monofilament wigs give the look of naturally growing hair coming from your own scalp since the fabric of the cap is sheer. This allows your own skin to show through no matter which way the hair is parted. If you like to change up your part, a monofilament type is for you. 

Lace front

A lace front wig is the only type of wig where you can expose your own hairline. There is “lace” or a sheer mesh on the front of the wig, which will adhere to your forehead with adhesive tape or glue. When the part of the lace not under the wig is cut away, you are left with natural-looking and feeling hair.  Many celebrities have worn this type of wig for years. This type is great if you want to wear the hair away from your face in a ponytail. This construction also means that you don’t need heavy bangs or hair volume in the front since you don’t need to hide the front hairline.

When you come for your consultation, Caryl will be very happy to show you exactly what these terms mean and what a difference these types of wigs can make to you.

Since Caryl has been in your shoes, she understands that the right wig can help you feel confident and radiant to meet life’s challenges with your chin up and a bold smile on your face.

Call today for your personal consultation.


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