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Every October, for the past 35 years, we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness month in support of breast cancer patients and survivors.

Supporting Women with Breast Cancer

This year amid Covid-19, things may look a bit different–no hugs, gatherings, or walking arm in arm with our sisters. Instead, we responsibly social distance and follow safety precautions to protect us all, especially those battling health issues. Let’s be sure we are Supporting Women with Breast Cancer!

Despite restrictions, we can still reach out and offer support to the fighters and survivors. Supporting Women with Breast Cancer!

  • Send a “thinking of you” card and note of encouragement to someone you know undergoing treatment. If there’s a survivor in your life, send a card of celebration.
  • Pick up your phone and call. Don’t be afraid that you might be bothering or interrupting them. No answer? Leave a message that you are thinking about them. There is no wrong time to reach out.
  • Cook a meal for the family or package single servings to put in their freezer to heat as needed. Be sure to call first to let them know when you will be dropping it off. Another option is to order and pay for a favorite takeout meal and have it delivered.
  • Think pink – wear something pink or accessorize with a pink pin, ribbon, socks, or scarf.
  • Display a pink ribbon magnet or sticker on your car or hang a Breast Cancer Awareness garden flag in your yard.
  • Contribute to a foundation or organization that supports breast cancer research, screening, treatment, and education. There might be ways to donate or volunteer within your own community.
  • Give of your time – If someone you know is experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment, you can still socially distance and accompany them to a wig salon for a fitting. Offer to set up the appointment and help choose a wig that allows them to feel beautiful and empowered. This outing might be just the boost to lift their spirits.

Caryl, the owner of Wigful Thinking, is dedicated to helping women navigate their way through breast cancer and hair loss due to treatment.

As a two-time cancer survivor, Caryl is passionate about helping women maintain a sense of dignity, femininity, and well-being by offering hair solutions at her wig studio in Hamilton Township, NJ.

Wigful Thinking is meeting with clients by appointment only, allowing adequate time to sanitize between appointments. Each client may bring one guest, and all visitors must follow the safety protocols detailed here.

For a consultation, please schedule an appointment by calling 609-249-4811 today.

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