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Hand-tied Wigs: Whether it’s a quick transition from the office to an event, switching up your style, or medically necessitated, wigs and extensions can make us feel put together in an instant.

While the look may be naturally stunning, what isn’t glamorous is a scratchy or uncomfortable scalp. That’s why the cap construction of many Wigful Thinking wigs and extensions are hand-tied.

What’s the difference?

Most conventional wigs and hairpieces rely on machine construction for quick production and mass quantities. Though they may look like real hair from a distance, natural hair movement and styling versatility are dramatically compromised. Likewise, comfort is diminished and may be irritating to sensitive scalps.

At Wigful Thinking, we utilize the hand-tied technique for many of our wigs and extensions for both synthetic and human hair options.

Yes, this method is more time-consuming; however, the hand-tied method ensures that every strand of hair is, well, hand-tied into the cap construction. Doing this not only allows for greater scalp comfort and protection but provides the most natural and lighter finished product.

The enhanced versatility provides both the ability to change the hair part positioning and styling to a ponytail or updo. Beyond the appearance, hand-tied extensions and wigs offer movement and feel, closely mimicking natural hair.

We understand, though, that time and affordability also contribute to choosing the right hairpiece. Wigful Thinking maintains high standards for our open cap, mono top, and machine-wefted wigs which offer high-quality, alternative construction to meet your versatile needs.

At Wigful Thinking we, of course, want you to look your best. But, just as importantly, we want to ensure you feel comfortable and confident at your next event, a night on the town, and in everyday life.

Contact us to feel the difference in hand-tied cap construction, and discover which of our wigs or hairpieces is right for you. Request your complimentary one-hour wig consultation in our design studio today.

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