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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Coping with Hair Loss

Each year, October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Public service organizations, government agencies, and medical professionals work together to promote research, prevention, and education.

Survivors and supporters across the country join forces annually to organize and participate in events to create awareness and encourage women worldwide to be proactive in their breast health. Early detection is crucial to being one of the more than 3 million survivors.

A breast cancer diagnosis is overwhelming as waves of emotion turn your world upside down. Nothing prepares you for the initial shock, but it’s important to know that you are not alone.

One of the biggest fears for women who undergo cancer treatment is the thought of losing their hair.

Coming face to face with this debilitating side effect can diminish your confidence and leave you feeling vulnerable with each glance in the mirror. As difficult as it may be, keeping your spirits up will have a positive effect on your recovery.

WIGFUL THINKING offers these tips to help you prepare and transition through your journey.

  • Consider cutting your hair – a shorter length creates thickness and helps to minimize the appearance of hair loss. It may also help make the transition less traumatic.
  • Shop for wigs, head coverings, and accessories – ask a close friend or loved one to go with you to a salon that specializes in hair solutions as you go through the stages of hair loss.
  • Have a cosmetologist offer advice on caring for your scalp and skin during treatment and to help with beauty techniques for the possible loss of your eyebrows and lashes
  • Talk about what you’re going through with survivors and others who are facing the same challenges. Discussing triumphs, fears, physical changes, emotional ups and downs, and hopes for the future will help you on your path to recovery.
  • Stay positive – do your best to keep a positive attitude and realize that your hair loss means cancer cells are being destroyed. Remember that your hair will grow back.

Find a safe haven at Wigful Thinking

If you want a safe haven where your privacy is protected and you feel emotionally supported through hair loss, Caryl and Olivia at Wigful Thinking are there for you.

Owner, Caryl, is a cancer survivor who understands the emotions of losing your hair and how vital it is to choose the right wig and other products that complement your personality and lifestyle.

Caryl’s granddaughter, Olivia, is a certified cosmetologist and will guide you through wig selection, fitting, and styling, as well as skincare and makeup techniques. 

Schedule a consultation today.

To schedule a one-hour consultation in the Wigful Thinking Design Studio, call Caryl and Olivia at 609-249-4811 for a confidential appointment. A private room is available to all clients and a guest is always welcome for encouragement and support.

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Editor’s NoteThis is an updated version of a post that originally ran in 2018.

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